ivorce Courts pose a very real threat to your children!

    We are Ron B Palmer and Sherry L Palmer authors, successful executives, and business owners. We were personally emotionally and financially devastated after each going through divorces and spending many years after the divorces fighting nasty custody battles. We used every skill we had ever learned about strategy, organization, and presentation to win our battles the hard way. Like you we were mostly unprepared for the tragedy that is family court in America today. We asked about our rights as parents and were given excuses about why we had none. Not one attorney ever told us we had any rights whatsoever. We knew this to be wrong and as soon as our battles ended we set out to prove it and to help other parents avoid the suffering and financial ruin.

    We used all of the experience we had gained in the private sector working in and consulting for the largest global corporations and many years of research experience to gather our evidence and present it to you. YOU HAVE RIGHTS AS PARENTS. WE HAVE PROVEN IT AND MAPPED A PATH YOU CAN FOLLOW!

    We know with certainty that only a small fraction of divorce attorneys will even admit that parents have rights, fewer still are willing to argue those rights, and fewer still really know how to argue and win. Why are we certain of this? Because, if only a few parents in each state start making the proper constitutional claims in family courts, the entire corrupt family law system will come crashing down and a 50 Billion dollar gravy train for attorneys, mental health professionals, and other bottom feeders will dry up. This industry exists for the sole purpose of depriving fit parents of their children and of depriving children of their fit parents.

    Why can they do this? How is it possible? They get away with it because of the overwhelming bias and prejudice against divorcing and single parents in our society. They get away with it because they have a two hundred plus year history of doing this. They get away with it because unsuspecting parents are are too poor and too frightened to fight back. They do it because nobody has ever explained their rights as parents to them the way we do.

    In order to protect yourself it is imperative you know what is in this book.  I'll explain everything in just a moment, but first I must give you this ...

"What you are about to read may invigorate and empower you to stand up and fight for your rights against a corrupt system!  Before you read this you should be prepared for a new hope and a new outlook on parental freedom. None of the people who feed off of this system are going to be happy that you have this knowledge. What is in this book will empower you to break free of their corrupt life draining system and free yourself and your children from their tyranny!"

     There is a painful truth that few people will talk about openly.  Mention that you lost your children in a divorce and people will assume that you are simply a terrible parent and deserved to lose your children. Most people don't realize that divorce laws are set up to deprive one parent at the expense of the other parent regardless of how good of a parent either is. Excellent parents lose their children every day.





     We are fed-up and frustrated with repeatedly seeing fit parents robbed of their children and being financially destroyed by those who falsely claim to act in the children's best interest.

     What are fit parents to do?  The solution:  Do not allow yourself to fall into this trap!  With the right resource book in your hand the first time around you can avoid many of the major pitfalls that ordinarily snare fit, unsuspecting parents!

     Remember:  It can very easily happen to you (and anyone you know) if you foolishly fail to protect yourself with the powerful tools and strategies contained in this book!


We see the power brokers and bottom feeders racing to placate fed up parents with false promises of "shared parenting"!

     When a 50 Billion dollar industry is at stake, the bottom feeders will move mountains to keep their corrupt system running as long as possible!

     The spin doctors are in full swing they are bringing out the paid experts who feed at the trough to convince you that their corrupt system only needs a few tweaks to be perfect again! Well, the truth is that their system is rotten to the core.

     Every day we help parents restore their rights to their children. Too many times the conversation starts off with, "I have been financially devastated and my children were stolen. I have little or no money to pay for help." They listened to the attorneys who denied they had rights. They jumped through every hoop paid every expert and went into debt only to be ultimately stripped of their children after their finances were skillfully drained and they were of no benefit to the system any more.

     We work very hard to create ways for you to avoid this outcome.

     The problem is:  Most parents can't afford to pay us $200.00 an hour to educate them on how to avoid being devastated by this system.

     All too often for one of the parents, divorce comes on suddenly and your entire world is tossed upside down. The person you loved and who you believed loved you has changed and now they are attacking you. You waste precious time trying to recreate what has already gone. You hold on to false hope while they increasingly grow cold. You are playing a catch up game where they have had time to prepare emotionally and financially you are reeling and trying to hold on to a false reality.

They have been skillfully prepared by their attorney to lead you through successive stages of a trap where they will fleece you of everything you have and leave you as a visitor in your child's life, if you are lucky.

If you have already been led down this terrible path, then you know exactly what I am talking about!


     This amazing book explains.

See why family studies violate your right to privacy and your right to NOT testify against yourself ...  page 154 and page 164
Do parents have to get along in divorce in order to have equal rights to their children? ... page 12
When done right the State is required to find you unfit before depriving you of your parental rights ... page 27
The Best Interests of the Child is NOT what governs your right to custody of your child ... page 35
The federal courts "recognize that the forced separation of parent from child, even for a short time, represents a serious infringement upon both the parents' and child's rights" ... page 47
Did you know that determining a child's best interest requires a judge to predict the future? It comes from their own manual. ... page 63
Is the right to divorce a First Amendment right of Free Association that can't be punished? "It has long been established that a State may not impose a penalty upon those who exercise a right guaranteed by the Constitution." ... page 65
Did you know that divorce courts can't constitutionally treat fit divorced parents different from fit married parents? ... page 77
Do you know that your rights as a parent have nothing to do with your being married or not being married and that divorce can't constitutionally be used as a reason to deprive you of your parental rights? ... page 82
When the judge chooses one parent do they violate the other parent's and the child's religious liberties? ... page 95
Did you know that parental rights were first protected as property rights? ... page 109
Are your parental rights also First Amendment rights? "The duty to prepare the child for 'additional obligations,' referred to by the Court, must be read to include the inculcation of moral standards, religious beliefs, and elements of good citizenship." ... page 142
Words from the US Supreme Court, "the removal of a child from the parents is a penalty as great as, if not greater, than a criminal penalty ... page 155


     Listen ... we both went through this and they tried every dirty trick in the book on us. They got the upper hand for many months and we suffered terribly but we never gave up and we learned how to beat them at their own game. Your attorney might say they will help you but they don't have a stake in your outcome. There are a small number of divorce attorneys and an infinite number of divorcing parents. When they refuse to protect your rights and lose your child for you they will just move on to the next poor parent who was just served with divorce papers.

     After we won, we immediately dedicated ourselves to finding an answer for all fit parents. We have read every Supreme Court opinion even remotely related to divorce custody battles. We regularly scour the opinions of the eleven Federal Appellate Courts and we go through state statutes with a fine tooth comb. We can show you the flaws in the state statutes big enough to drive a truck through. We can show you how your parental rights as a fit parent are undeniable. And we can show you they lies they tell to keep you paying tens of thosands of dollars to be screwed by them.

     I want to warn you:  If you don't argue these rights at the divorce court level you may be stopped from appealing and having your rights protected. If you are saying to yourself that I will read this and argue my rights if I lose, it will be too late. You will have a very long and difficult road to travel before you will get a second chance to make these arguments. Every day you are on that road your children will be growing older.

     You must always remember to protect yourself in every possible way, including your legal rights!

     You must be aware that in almost every divorce, no matter how reasonable your spouse is going into it, once they start listening to an attorney who gets paid by the hour, they will get less and less reasonable and will demand more and more. Before you know it you and your "reasonable" spouse will be in a full blown custody battle where the only winners are attorneys, mental health workers, and judges.

     This incredible book reveals your rights and many techniques on how to properly protect yourself from this blatantly unfair system!



     Just for the sake of argument ...  Let's say you are one of the 50% of married couples who will get divorced and you have children. Your home alone on a Saturday and answer a knock on the door. When you answer you are met by a process server informing you your spouse is suing you for divorce. You thought your spouse had taken the kids to see grandma but now you know it may be much longer than just a weekend before you are allowed to see your children again. It can't happen to you, right? Let me ask you this. Would you get on a plane if it had a better than 40% chance of crashing? If you are married and you have children you need to know this information. If you have already received papers, you better run, not walk, to the computer and order your copy.

Are you going to be the parent who is labeled "visitor" in your child's life relegated to the role of paycheck and weekend parent, if you are lucky? Are you going to go broke trying to prove the other parent is a bad parent just so you don’t get visitor only status?


You Get our Full 4 Week 100% 
Money Back Guarantee ...

     Getting this book for yourself will be the best thing you have ever done for your child and your relationship with your child.


Ron B & Sherry L Palmer

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P.S. Our book is priced at a fraction of its actual value. The small price of this book is nothing when compared to the cost of paying for unnecessary attorney hours and endless family studies and psych evals!  Failing to get this book and making the wrong decisions can end up costing you tens of thousands of dollars and probable loss of your child!

Every minute you delay in ordering NOT In the Child's Best interest is another minute of your soon to be ex and their attorney are working on taking your rights from you and depriving your child of a parent?

You have nothing to lose by ordering "NOT In the Child's Best Interest". Remember you are backed by our 100% Satisfaction Money-Back Guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied, contact us within 4 weeks of your purchase, make arrangements to return the book and we will refund the purchase price.


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